Small 4 computer network.

4 Station Network Installation
4 Station Network Installation

We were asked by POPP’s to supply and install a small computer network in a community centre.

For this project we supplied everything including the desks and fittings. The network consisted of 4 Acer desktop PC’s which we networked together sharing a Printer and Internet connection. We also extended the Wireless network using WiFi repeaters to supply Internet in the communal areas, lounges etc.

Acer Desktop Computers - Station 1 and 2
Acer Desktop Computers - Station 1 and 2

We fitted wired keyboard and mouse for each workstation at the customers request along with security cabling and large LCD 20″ screens to make it easier for people with visual impairments to more easily see the screens.

Training was provided initially and additional ongoing training was arranged with a local college so that all the tenants were able to receive one to one training on computer basics. This included using the Internet for shopping, sending and receiving email and using Skype to contact relatives on the Internet.

Computer Workstation and Wireless Network

Lounge PC Workstation and WiFI Network
Communal area PC Workstation with Wireless Printer and WiFi Network.

For this installation we supplied everything including the desks, chairs and fittings for this computer. This included security cabling to prevent the computer from theft and software security to protect against Viruses.

We also installed a Network Printer connected to a Wireless Network using WiFi repeaters which we installed to give good signal coverage in all the communal areas.  We also supplied the Laptops, which we also connected to the wireless network so that they could access the internet from anywhere in the facility.