Custom PC Builder – Cube PC or SFF Computers

Cube PC or SFF Computers

Cube PC or SFF Computers

We have built a number of these Cube machines now and have been really impressed with the amount space available inside.

Although not as compact as some of the SFF (small form factor) Computers such as the Biostar and Shuttle ranges they are still smaller than a standard sized Mini Tower PC. They offer internal space for a mATX motherboard, 2x 5.25″ Optical Drives and 2x 3.5″ hard drives. There’s a large system fan which is virtually silent and with the right choice of CPU Fan and PSU you can not only have a very quiet but also a very powerful PC.

‘Please note this case as shown here will accommodate a full ATX motherboard’

This type of case we have found provides the customer  with a genuine platform for future upgrading. There is space to accommodate high degree of future proofing as it uses standard size components, for example the power supply is standard ATX, the motherboard standard mATX or full size ATX in this example.

What this means that as the Cube PC becomes older and appears out of date or unable to run the latest software versions, it is possible to update all components within these Cube PC’s to keep abreast of new technology advances. We actually have some customers who are extremely reluctant to replace their Cube PC’s and have replaced and upgraded the internal components several times over the years. Some have even customised them fitting neon style lighting, elaborate CPU fans and illuminated case fans. Some even go to the expense of specifying specially designed cabling, purely to enhance the look of the internal components visible through the transparent panels.

When we build for a Media Studio or customer from a Media company we find that the look of the Cube PC is as important as the performance. For these customers we usually specify a highly polished Piano Black or Silver Aluminium finish to match their large screen monitors or to compliment the design of the MAC’s which they usually also have sitting on their desks.

Typical build cost for an entry level machine (i3 processor) is around £450 + vat, adding a more powerful i5 processor, graphics card and WiFi etc still means a good Cube PC can be had for around £550 + vat, giving you a unique and desirable PC for not much more money than an off the shelf PC from the big retailers.

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