MAC G4 to PC conversion project (Part 7 – Future Modifications)

CPU Fan: ZALMAN 7000B ALCU Ultra Quiet CPU Cooler

MAC - PC Inside the completed project
MAC - PC Inside the completed project

The CPU Fan is really noisy especially now that all the other fans have been replaced with quieter versions. The problem with changing the CPU Fan is the lack of space, the standard Fan sits only 5mm from the PSU so height is crucial no replacement Fan can be higher than the standard Fan we estimate the maximum height available to be 65mm. The other problem is diameter and clearance above component including memory and North Bridge heat sink. We are fans of Zalman products and they have one which is low profile and the fan sit’s inside the heat sinks so air is expelled to the sides which should help cool the the CPU and stop the PSU from getting hot. Watch this space to see how this goes.

MAC - PC Zalman CPU Fan
MAC - PC Zalman CPU Fan

HD DVD drive: Pioneer Blu-Ray Reader & DVDRW – SATA
The cheapest way to get HD content on your HD Ready TV is most probably by downloading it but there are HD OEM DVD’s drives out there and we plan to install one – most probably a Blu-ray drive in the future. One which is of interest is the Pioneer Blu-Ray Reader & DVDRW – SATA which with the SATA option will help to clear up the cable confusion we currently have in the case. As it’s also a Combo we do not loose the ability to read and write standard DVD’s.

What next:

MAC - PC Blu-ray upgrade
MAC - PC Blu-ray upgrade

This is an ongoing project so we expect the spec of this machine to change as new technology is tried and tested, the obvious next step is to upgrade the basics so a new motherboard, processor and hard drive will be on the cards. To keep the build as close to original the choice of motherboard again will be key and so far the most promising appears to be a Dual Core ready Gigabyte motherboard based on layout and features including HD ready graphics.

Finally: Not quite! see next page for project update
We acknowledge all Trademarks, copyrights etc. used in this article and make no actual recommendations in regard to any of the technology that was used in the making of this project. There are also no plans to offer this system for sale although requests to do so are high but watch this space in case we decide to offer a future kit for you to be able to build your own.

Project updated see next page

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