MAC G4 to PC conversion project (Part 5 – Powering up)

Switching on:

MAC - PC Inside the completed project
MAC - PC Inside the completed project

Like all first power ups on new builds it pays to re-check connections before applying power. It’s also a good idea to use a standard PS2 mouse and keyboard connections as USB wireless keyboards and mouse may not be recognised by the bios initially so you’ll be unable to setup the basic settings. As we have already tried our setup before assembly we expected it to work on start up which it did. We are not using a SATA drive so no drivers need to be installed but if you are you may have to temporarily fit a floppy to upload them. The great thing about this case is that you can open the side panel to see it working when it’s powered up – please note we know exactly what we are doing and we would never advise anyone working on a live PC with the case open.

Graphics card:
For a new build like this we generally and in this case decided to use the onboard graphics saving the installation of a graphics card until after the operating system is installed. Picture shows graphics card installed after first power up and O/S installed.

Setting the bios:
This is where you need your manual unless you know what to set here, usually though the default settings are ok and you only need to set the Clock and Number Lock etc.

Installing the operating system:
I suppose this is the final insult installing windows although I suppose you could be installing Linux but in our case we decided to go for Windows XP Media Center edition on the basis that this may well end up as a media center rather than a games machine.

Too good to be true ? :
It all works, we are still surprised that everything went as well as it did especially after reading on the internet how many problems others experienced in doing a similar conversion.

Part 6 will look at the modifications we have made since the original build and what happens in the future.

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