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Thank you for your interest. I have taken a sabbatical to pursue my film interests and to research for a Ph.D. in Film. Therefore I am not able to offer consultancy services in Bournemouth at this time. But feel free to get in touch if you think remote working is an option.

The communications company Bournemouth, LSC Media your complete Digital Design Agency

The communications company Bournemouth LSC Media digital design agency specialises in digital media design and content creation, we have the expertise to guide you. We can look at your website, determine what it says about you and how successful it is in reaching your existing and more importantly new customers.

  • Communications solutions for the web and social media; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email campaigns.
  • We can set up your newsletter template for easy email distribution using our own solution or create a unique template for your own email application.
  • As your digital design agency and communications company, we can create a complete solution. We can create website content, pages text content to a unique Video for your organisation – the perfect marketing tool to get your message in front of your customers.
  • Video for the web is our expertise, from feature-length documentaries to a simple one-off corporate/instructional video or a complete web series. We can create for you, your own company’s YouTube Channel.
  • We specialise in WordPress based website development, which allows you the customer to update your information anytime.  From a computer or even your smartphone. Keep your customers updated with news, new products, and services in real-time.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and website promotion, are essential for any business in order to know how your website is performing.
  • PPC (Pay Per Click), Social Media, Marketing through Digital Branding, online presence, and email. We use Google Analytics, and Webtrends for monitoring. We can set up your Adwords and Adsense account and manage it for you.
  • ROI (Return On Investment) how well is your marketing strategy working for you, increased sales, and brand recognition.
  • Social Media. Twitter and Facebook and the now more popular Instagram, we can help you build your social media strategy.

Website Design

Digital Design Agency and WordPress Design Services
WordPress Design Services

Specialising in WordPress we can design and host your website providing you with a full online service. We can maintain your website and set up you the client with full design control and access for you to keep your own site current. We have access to some of the best designers in the region and so we are able to offer a wide range of designs and technology to suite your requirements.

ROI and SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Everything is about the ROI (Return on investment) We use recognised SEO tools and our own expertise to make sure that your website performs well in search engine results. SEO is about good design and interesting content rather than short-cuts and gimmicks to get website viewings after all if you are trying to reach local businesses it does not make sense to optimise your website for the whole worldwide web yet perform poorly in local searches. Measuring your return on investment, new business from your website and social media advertising.

The communications company Bournemouth can create your Video content

We advise that every customers website should have video content, video is now an essential element in promoting a business and service. We can provide a complete service from initial concepts, filming and editing to marketing on Social networks. Although we cannot guarantee a video going viral we can work towards this. All filming will be in High Definition (4K available). 

As your Digital Design Agency, our digital media designer Ian F. Hunt is uniquely qualified to create your video. With a Degree in Digital Media Production and a Post Graduate Degree in Cinematography who has made over 30 short films and documentaries within the last 3 years.


GoPro Hero 4 to 10, Canon DSLR 5D MII/MKIII, 6D. Professional Cameras; Canon C100/C300, C300 MK2 4K, Arri Alexa, Arri Amira, Blackmagic 4.6K Pro, Blackmagic Pocket, Cinema, RED Epic. Sony EX3, Sony HD1500 (Broadcast Camera), Panasonic AG-HVX200 P2, Panasonic AG-AF101.

Photography Services

A professionally trained and experienced photographer, with studio and location experience. Fashion and Product photography. Behind the scenes photography services for Film/TV Production.

Computer  Services (No longer available)

digital design agency and iMac Computers
iMac Computers

For 10 years we have provided a trusted, local computer and small network installations service. We also supply Personal Computers, Laptops, Netbooks, and Tablet PCs.  We can no longer offer this service as our technician retired.


‘Ian worked with us using his endless patience and inspiration to produce a beautifully shot and edited film, presenting a complex and inherently controversial project in a clear, interesting and visually captivating way’.

Suzanne Powner, Coastal Access Officer, Dorset County Council.

Ian worked on a voluntary basis as a filmmaker for the South West’s Legacy Trust UK project, RELAYS (Regional Educational Legacy for Arts and Youth Sport). He also worked alongside community projects which had been awarded the London 2012 Inspire mark between March and July 2012.  Ian is a motivated individual who listens to the client and works hard to portray the intentions and messages of their project. Ian dedicated a lot of his free time to assist in delivering a successful brief and I wish him every success with his future career.

Jo Gardner, RELAYS Cultural Coordinator, AUB

Sport BUIan Hunt has worked on filming ‘Free Your Fitness’ sports activities over the last term. Ian has uploaded the videos onto YouTube and I was able to use the videos as part of a presentation I carried out to Sport England. The videos went down well with the Sport England staff and everyone from other Universities enjoyed watching the rewards of the work that Ian has carried out.
Ian was always on hand to meet when I requested him to, was happy to attend a variety of activities and carried out filming to a good standard.
I will be able to use the videos that Ian has done, for the future benefit of the ‘Free Your Fitness’ Project and would just like to take this opportunity to thank Ian for the filming that he has done.

Signed: Chris Payne : Sports Activator – Free Your Fitness Project sportBU

Contact us for Social Networks/website and video services

The Communications company Bournemouth LSC Media

MAC G4 to PC conversion project – MAC to PC project

MAC to PC project


It has been some years since I built this Mac to PC conversion but it’s still the most accessed project on our website. One of the great features of this project is that it can easily be updated, as the configuration will work with most micro ATX motherboards. The only real limiting factors are the CPU Fan assembly as there is limited clearance so watch the height of you Fan choice. The other is the location of the motherboard power connector as this can catch the back of the optical drive chassis. But if you do not plan to fit one then this does not matter.

I’d advise you to download the G4 repair manual before starting your project – download G4 as a 9.79 MB pdf click here

I’ve also put together a slideshow of the completed project so that you can get an idea of what is involved.


Part 1 – Choosing the parts

The MAC to PC project or parts bin special (as we refer to it)

We love the way MAC’s look, when it comes to design the MAC has always led the way particularly in case design so when we had an old MAC G4 which was terminally ill laying around it seemed like a good idea to re-cycle the case as a PC.

MAC - PC complete
MAC – PC complete

A quick search on the internet reveals that a similar project has been undertaken by some other enthusiasts with varying degrees of success mainly due to the the choice of motherboard. Getting this right will save you a lot of time modifying the case which you really do not want to do as this is the key reason for taking on a project like this.

Motherboard: ASRock P4i65G
Whatever motherboard you select it will be in the mATX format in our case we like ASRock motherboards so we always have these to hand and a quick search in the parts bin gave us a P4i65G which is an Intel skt 478 which also has the option to overclock, HT etc.

Processor: Intel Celeron 330
The parts bin comes to the rescue again with a Celeron 330 which is the Prescott 2.66GHz version. In our experience a good chip but it’s locked so no opportunity to overclock and it tends to run a bit hotter than the older Northwood versions and it’s not got Hypethreading. So if you have a Northwood use this in preference it’s a better cpu for this application or find an alternative P4 which has HT etc. P4’s can be a bit hard to find now in the 478 skt new so try Ebay or Computer Fairs as a source.

Memory and Hard Drive: PC3200 & Maxtor 80Gb
The parts bin comes to our aid again here with a stick of memory which is a Generic PC3200 512Mb ram and the hard drive Maxtor 80GB IDE in this case although the motherboard does support SATA drives. A SATA drive might be a better choice just for the cable which should be easier to thread through the cases existing openings and fixing points.

Optical Drive: LG Supermulti DVDRW
Yet another acquisition from the parts bin this LG is one of our favourite optical drives the OEM version used here still comes with Cyberlinks PowerDVD software bundled with it. Although this one is Black colour does not really matter as the drive sits behind a flap until the eject button is pressed.

External 3.5″ bay: Your choice here
There is another bay below the optical drive which is 3.5″ in size, on the original MAC we think it had an optional Zip drive (Now consigned to history), this is covered over by a blanking plate on ours so some cutting will be needed to fit anything in this bay. On ours we fitted a combined Card Reader with external USB and Audio ports which came out of our parts bin. We sometimes fit a combined floppy and card reader from Mitsui to some of our Shuttles and IDEQ’s which could be an excellent option if you decide to use SATA drives just in case you need to upload the drivers from Floppy.

Power Supply: Sumvision 450W 20+4pin SATA
WARNING – The MAC power supply cannot be used without modification to the wiring, the pin out is different to a PC ATX connector so we chose to replace it instead especially as it was not very powerful anyway. We chose the Sumvision because it was physically the same so no case modifications were needed.

That’s it for part 1, part 2 will cover the case dissembling and case modifications needed to physically fit the PC components.

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